05 July 2011

Emerging from the Aftermath of a Heartbreak

Tragedy strikes and steals life.  You swear you picked the short straw and feel reprehensible to be rescued.  Look around and everything is in shambles. 

Heart is broken.  Soul is crushed. Mind is lost. Joy is dead.

There is no sign of life even when the dust settles. It feels like the end. Merely existing, with no hope as an ally, is tragic.

You know the best part about losing life? It’s the chance to create a new one. The BEST one.

This is how I cope, in knowing that I have been spared from further cataclysm.  The word spared should be emphasized. Like the blood of the lamb smeared on the door posts of the chosen, I have been favored and saved from untimely death. 

I could wallow in self-pity or blame, it is a mechanism that we are most capable of relying on.  But being given a second chance to live is something too great to deny. Especially if in hindsight, it is the greatest thing that ever happened to you.

Survivors never dwell too much on tragedy, they focus more on how they surpassed it.  Call it a blessing in disguise if you will, but strength, resilience, continuance and endurance is something that is gained only in the light of adversity.

I have had my heart broken, many times. I have been spared, many times.

I cried. I died inside. I coped. I survived.   

Scars have healed. Pain no longer takes hold of me. It’s not that I am immortal nor am I invincible, for no one is exempt from hurting or dying. But growing inside of me is a determined, resilient and desirable heart ready to be loved and share love.  No longer is it depressed and repulsive. 

My story is a beautiful one.  It is not too much about how I lost my life.  It’s about how I was given a new one, and a chance to make it the best.

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